tips for reducing procrastination

while stuck at your desk

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  • Free productivity apps I love, made by the world’s most productive unicorn-fan

    Sindre Sorhus loves unicorns, even to the point of ranking pictures of them. And even more whimsically to me, also loves creating dozens of high quality apps. The majority of them free (!) for some baffling reason. Check out the full list (Mac apps, iOS apps, Apple Watch apps, and Apple Vision apps), and I…

  • A somehow-useful timewaster

    I downloaded Ball almost as a joke, it being a throwback to an era of particularly pointless apps. But I noticed something strange: having it in my dock helped me burn off some of that avoidance-energy that can surface when you’re facing something you really don’t want to do. Something about having a virtual fidget-spinner…

  • Bartender alternatives: their ownership and permissions

    As us Bartender users are getting spooked by the surprise transfer from the original author to a new owner, I’ve compiled a table of the alternative options. Or skip ahead if you’d like quick recommendations, ways to keep icons accessible without apps, information on alternate Bartender versions, or an explanation on why so many apps…